Accurate Video Inspection of Your Sewer and Drain Lines

Clinkscales Portable Toilets & Septic Service has the capability to inspect the interior of your plumbing system with a high-definition color camera head that provides a high level of detail. The camera head is also self-leveling, so, there's no guessing which end is up.

We can take a snapshot of affected areas or a video of the whole inspection. The files can then be sent via email or Dropbox (if the file is too big). If a problem is discovered, we can locate exactly where it is and how deep it is as well. We'll help save your time and money on exploratory digging, or breaking up more slab flooring than necessary.

We offer a wide variety of technologies to perform your video inspection. Contact us.
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We mainly use Spartan and it allows us to use an iPad to view your sewer and drain lines!

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